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☀️☀️A rough draft of my Journal ☀️☀️
Doing reflexology I noticed the joints in the body are like holding spots for inflammation and fluids trying to detox the body where they get caught up ,
Deep-rooted problems and issues hold on a little energy and form a holding spot for physical pain and emotions.
My theory cells lose energy and 
dry up when we don't communicate with them. Nurturing each and every cell with Great energy gives them life happiness and love, An example of this is dry skin when dry skin occurs The area becomes weak and unloved, when something becomes weak and unloved how can It give back to you.
When things are nurtured and loved they will respond with happiness Love strength envy and will give back to you.
• Back pain can be contributed to pressure due to inflammation from tightness due to stress,many types of depression and anxiety.
• When working the feet I noticed as I work the lymph nodes On feet reflexes I feel the congestion open up in people and like The street when it rains the water goes to a catch basin,but if the drain is clogged the water sits around ,it starts to smell ,in the body instead of smelling it irritates the body and flairs up and puts pressure on things.
when working the lymphs reflexes I opening the lymph nodes I feel the mucus and fluids giving relief to the body and those particular areas, this also gets the blood to circulate better which gets the blood capillaries to open and discharge
Arch supports 
Also as I get more involved with the reflexology I feel the arches in the feet are a Big contributor to the body, I will use me as an example, My problem was about 1 o'clock in the morning I would have the urge to uranat and actually hold it in as much as I possibly could, sometimes going two or three times a night saying to myself my bladder or prostate must be really weak and inflamed 
What I did was put arch supports in my shoes Beefing up the area in my bladder Reflexes, by doing this the foot gets a cushion supporting the area,noticing wearing them all day the problem totally went away.
I totally believe when I work the feet I feel for sensitive areas working them out telling the client to get supports in those areas
Also prostate ,urination neck problems I don't believe it's the pillow or the mattress that makes the back or neck,feel 100% right , I believe it's the reflexes in the body for a majority of all the problems,which the supports in the feet that hold allot of the stress,which in turn can add to neck and all types of internal problems 
Having less support takes energy from the body weakens it and it becomes unbalanced , inflamed and not in harmony with the universe,
While working the reflexes on the feet I tapped into the energy to bring the chi Energy as The Chinese say,into the clients body, Which using Finger pressure and the chi Energy together helps to open up the energy block,To move out the inflamed area.and get a bioelectricity to move
What causes the energy to block many of things, stress all types of emotions, things from the past ,Family related things basically anything that causes friction in your thoughts.
When working the reflexes, I try to bring all the energy in try to release blocked energy and squeeze the inflamed area out
Women with hot flashes
It's definitely a hormone transition, when working the reflexes I noticed a lot of heat in the body Near the lymph system, with congestion low-energy, and a lot of tightness , and heat in the body.
my solution work the reflexes loosen  up all the muscles the Nerves, the tendons, which in turn will loosen the lymphatic system , because a lot of the heat is due to the inflammation being harbored in the body,and also loss of core energy 
Patters  will continue at a later date
Sorry about any spelling errors,not my thing           
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Paul Mariani

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Paul Mariani

Paul is a certified reflexologist and studied at the University College of Reflexology in British Colombia, Canada. My belief is Reflexology is a powerful healing practice based on the premise that your entire body is mirrored on the feet, hands and ears through a system of reflexes prompting and healing response in every organ, gland and body system.

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Reflexologist and Essential Oils.  Sun Shore Universal Reflexology is passionate in helping people enjoy deep levels of relaxation and peace, allowing for a restoration of immune system function--a super charge to enabling the bodies’ deep healing potential.
Trained at the Universal College of Reflexology, as well as, the Tom Tam System for healing.  Paul Mariani is a certified Reflexologist, Tui Na and Tong Ren Practitioner.  Paul leads an in person and Internet YouTube live weekly event on Thursday nights called "Tong Ren Healing Class" which is by donation at the Tam Center for Healing.  Paul also has private sessions available for Reflexology and Tong Ren at the Tam Center, Complementary HealthCare and Fab Face and Body.
Additionally, Paul ongoing study of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.
Committed to self-growth, Paul is excited to participate in continuing education classes annually currently enrolled in a European Reflexology year long program.  Paul has a unique ability to feel and empathize with each person who comes to him for healing.  Paul is very supportive, and when the has healed himself from cancer and understands illness and healing from both an emotional, as well as, energetic perspective. He provides a safe space of love and healing for all his clients.